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Wi’am Kids Explore North West-Bank

esterday was a long but worthwhile day for the Wi’am children as they embarked on an expedition into Northern governates of the West Bank. Staff, volunteers, and the young people arrived at Wi’am Center early: distances in the West Bank can take extra time to traverse. Since there are often no direct routes, drivers have […]

Wi’am Kids visit the Tent of Nations

Today, July 13, we brought the kids of the summer camp to visit the Tent of Nations, a family farm to the south of Bethlehem. The family has been struggling for the last 15 years to hold onto their property in the face of Israeli settlement activity. They were offered a blank check for their […]

Field-Trip to Taybeh & Ramallah

This week the children took a field trip that was both educational and very fun. Wi’am staff and volunteers arranged a visit to the historic village of Taybeh and the amusement park in Ramallah.   The road to Taybeh is scenic but quite long since the bus must by-pass Jerusalem on winding roads through the […]