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Fresh Looks at the Palestinian Statehood Bid

Fresh Looks at the Palestinian Statehood Bid By Zoughbi Zoughbi, Director of Wi’am The Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center Interviewed by Gabriella Kaiyal-Smith What do you believe will be the steps the Palestinian government will take when the UN General Assembly opens on September 23rd? Will  the Palestinian government  be able to secure the required 129 […]

Wi’am Christmas Message 2010/2011

Wi’am Christmas Message 2010/2011 There is room in the inn; everyone is welcomed in the cave of our Lord Jesus… Christmas is a celebration for every Christian family.   We are reminded that Christ is born to a humble woman in a cave in Bethlehem. However, I believe I cannot celebrate Christmas without remembering the socio-economic […]

Film discussions on stereotype

On December 4th, 12 youth gathered at Wi’am Centre to watch the film entitled, Reel Bad Arabs. Reel Bad Arabs is film based on Jack Shaheen’s book by the same title. The film looks at how Arabs have been portrayed in Hollywood. Shaheen says that through movies like Aladdin, Delta Force, True lies, and many […]