Job Creation

Jobs PaintingSince its inception, Wi’am has been working to create jobs for marginalized women, men, and youth in the community in order to contribute to improved living standards. Working in cooperation with multiple job creation programs, including CRS, World Vision, and UNDP, our program has provided over 350 unemployed individuals with short-term daily wages, while at the same time providing a space for skilled and unskilled workers to contribute to their community. These projects are short-term, while being complemented by a longer-term intervention focusing on providing marginalized and impoverished families with steady income that proves to be sustainable and effective at the level of household economic empowerment.

One of our ongoing projects is working with House of Hope in Bethlehem, which serves the blind and children with special needs. Our men and women work together to provide assistance with maintenance, catering and educating the children. This has been part of encouraging the spirit of volunteerism in public spheres and civil society. This contributes to a larger de-stigmatization of physical handicaps in Palestinian society.

Jobs WomenAnother project seeks to provide more than 30 women-led families with economic empowerment. These are either widows or women whose husbands are unable to access jobs due to political restrictions and work permit issues. Through equipping women beneficiaries with advanced vocational skills, we also open the doors of the Center to female artisans to display and sell their products. This creates a hub of economic empowerment for women who are able to sell their products with no attached strings or political agendas, and to whom the proceeds are returned.