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The Music Will Never Leave our Hearts

Every full moon is an excellent opportunity for our colleague Usama Nicola to lead tours in the wilderness. This week was especially bright, as the ‘supermoon’ seen around the world afforded even better views of the beautiful Palestinian landscape. Usama regularly leads tours throughout the Holy Land, visiting Palestinian cities and communities, hiking in the […]

Beautiful Gardens and New Friends

The seasons are changing, and Wi’am has been visited by a group of volunteers from a Methodist Church in Oklahoma, USA. The extra hands, together with our current group of international interns, spent the week cleaning up our grounds and gardens, just in time for the Fall. Our outside spaces are now free of weeds […]

World Week for Peace 2016

الاسبوع العالمي للسلام دعوة  عامة يسعدنا في المنتدى المسكوني التابع لمجلس الكنائس العالمي والائتلاف الوطني للمؤسسات المسيحية في فلسطين مع (و) الشركاء في المجتمع المدني دعوتكم للمشاركة في “الاسبوع العالمي للصلاة من اجل السلام”   “لتسقط جميع الحواجز و الاسوار” و ذلك يوم الخميس 22 ايلول الساعة 16:30 في ساحة مركز وئام الفلسطيني/ مقابل جدار […]