Our work combines traditional Arab methods of resolving conflicts with techniques taught in international schools of conflict transformation.

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Child Protection Policy

This Child Policy has been produced by Wi’am as a practical learning tool and set of resources for that explores some of the key principles and issues relevant to child protection, as well as outlining the steps that are needed in order to implement, report, monitor and protect children from both intentional and unintentional harm. Acknowledgements Wi’am Center would like to thank CAFOD for their full support to the production of the policy.

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Educational and Cultural Tours

Learn about the Holy Land from the people who inhabit it, through our workshops and tours.

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Wi’am Code of conduct

For the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, fraud and corruption and abuse of power

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Latest News

Wi’am in Turkey- Ankara

5 Wi’amers, Amira, Tarek, Lucas, Amanda and Kholoud have joined an intercultural project Youth & Future from 1/7/2012-10/7/2012: The Project is social integration process of the disabled and disadvantaged youngsters. The Project focused on to use the new, different and alternative methods which might take interest of youngsters. This Project includes the activities to learn, […]

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Wi’am Kids Explore North West-Bank

esterday was a long but worthwhile day for the Wi’am children as they embarked on an expedition into Northern governates of the West Bank. Staff, volunteers, and the young people arrived at Wi’am Center early: distances in the West Bank can take extra time to traverse. Since there are often no direct routes, drivers have […]

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Wi’am Kids visit the Tent of Nations

Today, July 13, we brought the kids of the summer camp to visit the Tent of Nations, a family farm to the south of Bethlehem. The family has been struggling for the last 15 years to hold onto their property in the face of Israeli settlement activity. They were offered a blank check for their […]

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“The work of Wi’am is on the ground, with people, as we address the urgent needs of Palestinians.”

- Zoughbi Alzoughbi, Founder and Director of Wi'am