Our work combines traditional Arab methods of resolving conflicts with techniques taught in international schools of conflict transformation.

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Child Protection Policy

This Child Policy has been produced by Wi’am as a practical learning tool and set of resources for that explores some of the key principles and issues relevant to child protection, as well as outlining the steps that are needed in order to implement, report, monitor and protect children from both intentional and unintentional harm. Acknowledgements Wi’am Center would like to thank CAFOD for their full support to the production of the policy.

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Educational and Cultural Tours

Learn about the Holy Land from the people who inhabit it, through our workshops and tours.

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Wi’am Code of conduct

For the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, fraud and corruption and abuse of power

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Latest News

Final Report: “Responsible Youth: Engaging Young People and Community Members in Conflict Transformation & Social Change”

The participants gained enhanced skills and knowledge as they identified types of conflict and models for managing conflicts, mapped real-life case studies, and engaged in role plays that enhanced their mediation and conflict management skills. In addition, the training for trainers strengthened the capacity of young people in the de-escalation of peer/community conflicts and changed their behavior and practices towards adopting a peaceful resolution of conflicts in their life and community relations. The training helped young people change negative perceptions about the other with more openness to a dialogue of words and rational, thinking approaches to conflicts. The training empowers the participants to recognize how personal values and views influence behavior and identify conflict management styles. They are more able to analyze the needs of each party, develop skills to resolve conflicts in a flexible manner, develop positive influence techniques, and develop negotiating skills appropriate for a win-win solution.

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Wi’am Centre concludes a training workshop on Women’s Inheritance Rights

Wi’am concluded a training as part of its women’s empowerment program to help women attain their inheritance rights. The three-day training in Nablus included topics related to inheritance rights, women’s rights, gender, conflict resolution, advocacy and lobbying campaigns. The training was attended by 20 women from the surrounding areas who logged five hours of training […]

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Report on Ecumenical women project.

Report Ecumenical women project Submitted To: World Vision Submitted by: Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center Period: Piece of Art done by Wi’am’s children  Report The Ecumenical women project is an opportunity for women from different congregation from Bethlehem area to be together through engagement in two intertwined activities: firstly, Ecumenical meetings and presentation by academics […]

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“The work of Wi’am is on the ground, with people, as we address the urgent needs of Palestinians.”

- Zoughbi Alzoughbi, Founder and Director of Wi'am