Training workshop on “Healing Yourself and your Community”.

Short report on training: “Healing Yourself and your Communities

Place of the Training: Wi’am centre

Time: Friday 19th of November, 2010

Attendance: 15 young people age 18-25 with gender balance, coming from different colleges and areas around Bethlehem

Implementation body: Wi’am Centre in cooperation with CAPACITAR Organization

Wi’am in cooperation with CAPACITAR Organization organized a training workshop on “Healing Yourself and your Community”. The objective of the meeting was to empower young people living in a situation of stress and conflict to heal themselves and their communities. CAPICITAR is committed to communities affected by violence, poverty and trauma, uniting people across borders in solidarity, understanding and reconciliation.

During the workshop, the co-trainers, Path and George, presented different exercises/techniques that involved body and hand movements. The exercises involved an interactive learning that engaged the participants and helped them learn different movements that help in healing different aspects of body stress. The participants appreciated the workshop; it helped them learn skills to cope with stress and ways of healing themselves, their families and communities, and empowered them so that they can work effectively for peace and healing in the midst of the violence. The training also helped the participants learn skills that they can apply in their work and the context they live under whether at school, with family and at college.

The participants asked the trainers to do a follow-up training-for-trainees next year so that they can learn more in depth knowledge on healing stress and trauma. In that field allow me to quote one of the participants:  “The training has given me skills I can use with youngsters and children to improve learning and to deal with the stress of their lives.” (Noura, 20 years old student from a village near Bethlehem)