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Field-Trip to Taybeh & Ramallah

This week the children took a field trip that was both educational and very fun. Wi’am staff and volunteers arranged a visit to the historic village of Taybeh and the amusement park in Ramallah.   The road to Taybeh is scenic but quite long since the bus must by-pass Jerusalem on winding roads through the […]

Summer Camp: The Fun Continues!

A full week of summer camp is coming to a close at Wi’am this Friday. Attendance has grown each day as children invite their friends. Throughout the week, the center strived to provide the campers with fruit and other snacks to keep their bodies healthy and running during the long summer days. Tuesday, everyone fled […]

Wi’am Summer Camp Begins

The Wi’am Center opened its gates for summer camp today, the first Monday in July. Local children and youth came and were soon wearing shirts and hats reading “مخيم التسامح و العطاء و الحبة ” –the “Reconciliation, Agape, and Giving Camp”. Staff and volunteers led the children in crafts, sports, and dancing. During one craft, […]