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Discovering yourself

Wednesday, the Wi’am staff joined with Sarah from Cambridge, England, for a very creative morning. The workshop began with an artistic exercise. Staff and volunteers each drew a tree on a sheet of paper using crayons, pens, and colored pencils. Each part of their tree represented a part of their experience; the roots were our […]

Saying Goodbye to The “key of return”

The “key of return” left Palestine to Berlin, the 8th of March, to become a landmark in Einalie-Berlin gallery, which will be attended by the most important artists in the world and it will last for two months. People and news agencies from around Palestine gathered together in a ceremony where speakers addressed the importance […]

Women’s day at Cremisan

Women’s day at Cremisan 2-12-2011 A symphony of babbling and laughter filled the office of WI’AM on Friday the second of December. A group of women who visit WI’AM on a regular basis and members of Wiam’s women group, cheerfully arrived one by one, looking forward to the days program. On the agenda was a […]