2010 World Vision International Peacebuilding Award

On a Beautiful bright Sunday, a shining spotless Peacebuilding award (a harmony flame) was waiting on a counter to be given to the person who deserves to hold it, who worked hard throughout the years to enrich the meaning of peace building in the area of conflict, who has taken risks to make a contribution to resolving destructive conflict and bring about long-lasting peace through community mobilization, to the only person people voted for to receive this award believing that he deserves it more than anyone else. This person is Mr. Zoughbi Zoughbi the Director and Founder of an organization that is integrating peace building in relief, development and advocacy; which is Called Wi’am or the Palestinian Conflict resolution centre.
On September 19th, barely a week after Ramadan, and only a day after Yom Kippur, in the town of Bethlehem where Hope personified was born, more than two hundred people assembled in the backyard of Wi’am varying from businessmen, women to the simple families of Bethlehem and their children who attended the ceremony with hearts full of joy and hope all gathered to witness the historical event of Zoughbi Zoughbi receiving the Peace award from the World Vision International Representative.
The ceremony included the marvelous Palestinian national Anthem, Followed by “Mawtini” sung by the Choir of Wi’am who were wearing the traditional Palestinian dresses. Three speeches by the World Vision were delivered by: Alex Sanry, Rana Qumsieyh and Mathew Scott. Three songs were sung by the incredibly talented Luna Juha and Maya Handal. A speech by Mr. Zoughbi was delivered about the centre’s background, last but not least Um Eli Kreitem performed the Palestinian “Zaghareed” which is a traditional Palestinian Wedding undulation chanting.
Congratulations Mr. Zoughbi and to the extraordinary Staff of Wi’am. Thank you to all of you for the efforts you have done throughout the years. A big huge Thank you to Mr. Zoughbi who has helped make the path clearer and was always a good servant for the society before being a leader we admire your honesty, integrity and caring you embody a true embrace of the best in human Spirit.

Written by: Roula Salman