Conflict Resolution workshop

On Friday 7th of October, Wi’am: Palestinian conflict Resolution Center joined the Saint Joseph school, the 10th grade at their two- day retreat, at the Milkiet Convent  in Beit Sahour,. Lucy Talgieh led the group of 54 girls in the workshop on Conflict Resolution.

The session began with an ice-breaker activity called how to break the circle, which enabled the group to learn a little how to resolve a conflict. Lucy then introduced Wi’am center, its values and programs to the students.  After this, smaller groups discussed and shared ideas about what they consider nonviolence. .

After that I asked the girls to apply a specific case study in groups and then share together. The group grasped the concepts very successfully, and coherently applied them to the case, and then they perform it in a role play.

Lastly I finish the workshop with the thought that conflict can actually be a good thing. And I can say that the workshop was a success, with good participation and feedback and with great input and understanding from the girls.

Written by: Lucy Talgieh