Giving Tuesday: Give for Peace

The holiday season is upon us, and Wi’am could not be happier to have the opportunity to celebrate life, hope, and family. Our friends and family in the United States are gathering to give thanks for their blessings, just as we at Wi’am are giving thanks for the support of our friends and family worldwide.

Even in a time of fear and uncertainty, we take heart from the acts of kindness and charity we witness: The child who spends time with an elder because the elder is feeling lonely; the elder who takes the time to teach a child a new skill so that they may grow up strong and knowledgeable.

Giving Tuesday is one such outpouring of charity and kindness, an increasingly-recognized international day of giving. Our friends at The United Methodist Church are organizing a large donation drive: “Because we have received, we Give Light, Give Love, Give Life.’ We are proud to be one of the projects their efforts have supported.

If you feel compelled to give financially this holiday season, please consider supporting us through their website.

May you find peace, happiness, and family in the holiday season- and may that peace be felt throughout The Holy Land.