International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Conference

Pax Christi and Wi’am organized a conference on the topic of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and Human Rights (HR) that was held between 5th and 7th August 2010 at Everest Hotel in Beit Jala, Palestine. Around 70 participants from different backgrounds learned in which cases the IHL is applicable, which are the basic HR, what are the rights of prisoners, what are the aspects of water problem and what is the situation about all these in Palestine. Participants were involved in several group works where they discussed various situations and cases of HR violations. On Friday, Sheikh Maher Assaf and Bishop Atallah Hannah shared with participants the religious point of view concerning HR. They both stressed the importance of HR and human dignity. Moreover they agreed that both religions refuse aggression and killing. At the end participants discussed how they could implement the knowledge they got at the conference in practice and decided to have a follow-up meeting in September.