World Vision International Peace Prize, voting ends

Dear Partners, Supporters, and Friends,

We are approaching the deadline of voting. Would you be so kind as to add your comment and vote for Zoughbi and Wiam. The reward will be channeled to cover Wi’am activities; it will enhance Wi’am outreach work, voices of moderation and efforts for community change . You are always part of the history and nourishment for our grassroots organization.. Please keep the good effort and keep Wiam in your thoughts and prayers. Your vote counts as it will make the difference, it will increase our hope and create a big and effective impact in the community at large.

We are writing today to give you some very exciting news and to ask for your participation.

Finalists for the 2010 WV International Peace Prize Announced

A month of public commenting begins

World Vision is proud to announce the 2010 Peace Prize finalists with 2 finalists for the Peacemaking Award and 7 finalists for the Peacebuilding Award:

Peacemaking Award: Rubina Feroze Bhatti (Pakistan) and Zoughbi Al-Zoughbi (Palestinian Territories)

Peacebuilding Award: Change Agents for Peace International (E. Africa/Great Lakes), Help the Afghan Children (Afghanistan), Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam- Oasis of Peace (Israel), Operatione Columba (Global), Search for Common Ground (Global), The Parents Circle-Families Forum (Israel), WI’AM (Palestinian Territories)

The Peacemaking Award is given to an individual who has taken risks and excelled in being a catalyst in either bringing conflicted parties together to resolve a conflict or in enabling a peace process that engages peacemakers, mediators and people of moral authority who bring hope that a significant destructive conflict can be resolved.

The Peacebuilding Award goes to an agency or organization that excels at integrating peacebuilding into relief, development or advocacy activities and mobilizing communities to build a durable peace.

The public is invited to actively participate in commenting on the finalists by going to this link:

Public commenting will remain open for one month, closing on June 4, 2010.

The International Awards Committee will use qualitative and quantitative tools to examine each of the finalists and review the public comments before they complete the selection process. Final selection will be made by the end of June.

Please help us, by going to the link above, registering, and giving your comments for both the Peacemaking Award for Zoughbi al-Zoughbi and the Peacebuilding Award for WI’AM Center.

You can read the nominations for Zoughbi and for the WI’AM Center once you have logged in.

Thank you for taking the time to help secure these important prizes. Your comments and support will help to make it possible for both Zoughbi and the WI’AM Center to win in 2010.