Wi’am in Turkey- Ankara

5 Wi’amers, Amira, Tarek, Lucas, Amanda and Kholoud have joined an intercultural project Youth & Future from 1/7/2012-10/7/2012: The Project is social integration process of the disabled and disadvantaged youngsters. The Project focused on to use the new, different and alternative methods which might take interest of youngsters.
This Project includes the activities to learn, develop and have ability of new tools of the participants and partners. it supports the social participation and social integration of the disadvantaged youngsters by using these new methods at local communities. The activities of the Project were; learn new tools on Youth area, workshops, intercultural learning activities, simulation and evaluation activities. The project used non formal education methods for its planned activities. The participants had a lot of activities like workshops, outdoor activities, simulations role playing games.

One of the main activities that Wi’am has participated in is visiting the ministry of youth and sports and giving a present from Palestine to the minister and presenting the projects done by their groups.

One of the projects, presented by Amira Musallam talked about how to offer job opportunities in eastern Turkey, for the Turkish young people who finished their KPSS exams but can’t find any job to work in the big cities.

the other project presented by Tarek Al Zoughbi, talked about Youth Power; to empower youth and the world by getting youth involved into community service through recycling.

It was a fun, very educational and intercultural project where youth of Wi’am has benefited a lot in many different aspects.